You Know You Have a Good Man When…

He walks around the store with you for an hour, holding all of your outfit choices, waits patiently as you try all of them on, and tries his best to give you advice on what looks good together.

You ask him to help bring a box down the stairs so you can bring it out to your car later that day and he brings it all the way out to the car for you just because he loves you.

He doesn’t complain when you ask him a million stupid questions about what you’re getting at the grocery store.

And then he happily accompanies you… even if he’s tired and would probably rather stay home and nap.

He opens the passenger side door, kisses you, and tells you he loves you every time you get into the car.

He loves you more and more every day and shows it to you with everything he does.

It’s kind of strange how we often take things like this for granted every day, especially when they are small little nothings you probably don’t think too much about. But I’m one of the lucky ones.

I’m so fortunate to have a man who will do all of these things and more. I hope he knows that he’s a good man and that I love him for all of these little gestures, but also for being the person that he is. He may never see this, but to all the ladies out there who have a good man like I do: Tell them. They probably already know how much you care, but after everything they do for us, some extra appreciation will go a long way!


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