One Year Later

For all 480 plus viewers of my blog post one year ago, I want to preface this by saying today’s post is not a follow up. In fact, I’m only writing this because I’m proud of our accomplishment, and of where we are, and I want to share it.

Is it too cliche to say that this past year was the best one of my life? Probably – but, it’s still true.

I won’t lie. This year was tough. Joe and I have had to deal with more obstacles than most couples do throughout their relationship. But the best part about it is, we got through it and we’re stronger than ever because of it.

There was never a time where we thought we should give up or walk away because things were too hard. We worked through it – we talked, we cried, we stood our ground. But nothing could and nothing will break us.

Confident? Maybe. But if this last year has taught me anything it’s that him and I can make it through whatever life wants to throw at us.

Don’t get me wrong. The last year was not all about tough times. In fact, it was wonderful and completely full of love. We’ve grown together each and every day – and continue to grow, be a stronger couple, and love more every day.

So, I said that this past year was the best I’ve ever had. Well, maybe I spoke too soon. I expect every year going forward to always be the best one I’ve ever had because nothing will top being in love with Joe.

And for me, that’s what this whole year was about. Nothing else matters. Being with the person I love most and the one with whom I am happiest is all I’ll ever need.

Cheers to our future, because I know it’ll be better than anything I could have imagined. 🙂


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