It Was a Pine Tar Kind of Night

Yes, folks, I was at the Red Sox/Yankees game last night where Pineda was caught using pine tar and ejected from the game. What a glorious moment. There’s nothing better than hearing an entire ballpark chant “Yankees Suck.”

I’ll spare the details of the rest of the game, as it was much like all the others. I just adore Fenway Park and it’s always a good game when the Yanks come to town. Truly a baseball rivalry at it’s finest.

Not to mention, Jacoby Ellsbury was there. And just as I suspected in an earlier post, the entire crowd booed him – when he went up to bat, when he caught a ball in the field, basically whenever he was present. It’s sad, in a way, because it seems we forget how much he did for the Sox when he was on our team. But, there is no other way to greet him other than with a “boooo!” At least for now.

All in all, great time. But of course – I didn’t expect anything less.


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