An Ode to Drivers (But Mostly New Hampshire Ones)

So, it’s rant time.

As everyone knows, I moved to New Hampshire recently. Because of my car mishap last month, I had to rush and get my new car registered in NH. This means, then, that I have New Hampshire plates. With that said, I’d like to preface this article with: Though I have NH plates, I do not fall into this category.

Okay, now that we settled that, here it goes.

I drive from Somersworth to Beverly, MA Monday through Friday to go to work. This is a lot of highways and lane changes and what have yous. I’ve noticed something recently. New Hampshire drivers (and some Massachusetts drivers) DO NOT know how to use directionals.

It’s a basic concept. You want to cut me off from the right? Put your left directional on. Want to, instead, move on over from the left lane? Great! Just let me know – with your directional.

On my way to work yesterday, I began counting how many people “cut me off” (I put those in quotes because it’s not cutting me off in a dangerous way – most of the time – but instead just moving in front of me) without a directional. I lost count after 13 cars going ONE WAY. Out of those 13, two – yes two were Massachusetts drivers. The rest? You got it. New Hampshire.

They really must take the “Live free or die” thing seriously up here. Not putting your directional on ever is asking for it. I don’t mean from me, but they will eventually hurt someone or themselves by acting so foolishly.

Now, driving an hour and 15 minutes one way to work takes a toll on my wallet with all that gas. That’s why I cruise control the whole way only going about 5 miles over the speed limit. During rush hours, I know that cars want to go, like, 80-85 so I understand them wanting to get around me. But, seriously, have some courtesy. Use the blinker, directional, turn signal WHATEVER YOU WANT TO CALL IT. Just use it.

But, my favorite people are the ones who ride my butt, move over, legitimately cut me off because they feel like being jerks, and then go too slow for my cruise control.

I really, really don’t like having to cancel my cruising because of idiots on the road.

Anyway, I thought maybe, just maybe, it would get better as the days went on. But no. The crazy New Hampshire drivers just continue to get worse.

People say Massachusetts drivers are “massholes?” Please. New Hampshire drivers put “us” to shame.

So, this isn’t really an ode. I know. But, hey. A rant works, too.


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