I’m a homeowner!

I’ve actually been one for almost a week now (how time flies), but it’s still exciting!

Joe and I finally got the house we wanted and are all moved in! It’s definitely still a work in progress – in fact, as I type Joe is insulating what will be our laundry room 🙂 – but we’re very happy.


It’s been a hell of a week though.

It started Thursday when we found out we almost wouldn’t be able to close because of an internal error at the bank/appraisal office. Thankfully, everyone on our team was so wonderful (Jason, if you ever happen to see this – thank you!). They all worked so hard to make sure we closed Friday, even if it was at 6:00 at night.

But, before we even got to the closing office, we had to actually get to Somersworth which was a struggle Friday morning, as Joe was sick. He pulled together to help lift all the furniture and boxes, pack the car, and drive around for hours looking for things to do before we closed. He was such a trooper that day and I am so thankful for him!

And I can say that with even more confidence because on Monday, I caught what he had and could barely move. I have no idea how he did all that he did when he was that sick, but God bless him. He’s amazing.

But, despite all the illnesses and mishaps, we’re here.

Our house is still in shambles, and will be for a while. But the best part about that statement is that it’s our house and will be regardless of how temporarily messy it might be. In fact, the reason for the mess is because we are putting our own touch on it, making it truly ours.

It feels so good to be a homeowner. I love having my own space – our own space – to live and grow our relationship. Of course, the first few days it was pretty nostalgic. Tuesday night was my first time actually alone in the house and it was weird, as I was always used to having someone home. But even though I’ll never not need my family for things, I know I will eventually grow out of that feeling.

So, enough jibber jabber. Here are some pictures of the house. Let me preface with a few things: 1. This is only the downstairs. The day I took these was the day I was sick so I didn’t feel like going upstairs. But, there’s three bedrooms and a bathroom up there, plus a finished attic! 2. I have cleaned up a bit since then also so it’s not as messy. and 3. Yes, that is a refrigerator in my living room. It wouldn’t fit through the doors so that’s how we’re living for a while. We are also planning a kitchen/dining room remodel so it just makes sense. Okay here we go:

image (3) image image (4) image (5) image (7)

Oh, and yes, that is my new car in the driveway. While I was signing my life away (and since my car was totaled a month before we moved…) I decided to invest in a beautiful 2013 Dodge Avenger. I never, ever thought I’d call a car sexy, but this car deserves it.

image (6) image (2)

I plan on posting before and after pictures following the renovation(s), so stay tuned. 🙂


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