Out With the Pink Hat: Bruins vs. Panthers January 28, 2014

If you are a frequent visitor to my blog, you may have seen my two Instagram pictures from the Bruins game I went to the other night.

Last year, I wrote about how excited I was watching the Bruins in the Stanley Cup playoffs and how I was going to become a bigger fan this time around. Well, while I don’t watch every single game, I have definitely kept that pink had hidden.

So much so that I dished out $200 bucks for Bruins tickets as a Christmas present for Joe. No, I’m not complaining – it was so worth it!

I’ve been to only one other Bruins game over six years ago and, honestly, I don’t even remember it. I wasn’t into hockey then and I just went with the group. This time, though, it was awesome.

And, here are 21 reasons why.

1. I could see everything! When I watch games on TV, the view is very selective and, more often than not, I lose the puck. Where we were sitting (see the right sidebar), everything was perfectly clear.

2. Lucic, goal 1.

3. This:

4. And then this: (It’s an old video, but wait for it.. wait for it.. WOO!)

5. Chara raising his stick to all the fans when we cheered for his 500th career goal.

6. All the little kids that got their three minutes of fame in between the periods. That was so cute!

7. Um, I was enjoying one of my boyfriend’s favorite sports with him at a game live. What is better than that?

8. Lucic scoring his second goal, but people thinking it was really his third and throwing their hats onto the ice.

9. Waiting and waiting and waiting for Lucic to score a third goal so I could take a picture of a real hat trick. It never happened.

10. Being able to see the plays developing, not just see them scoring the goals. (Though, that part is fun too).

11. Re-learning all the players numbers and positions, and what lines they play on.

12. I didn’t want the game to end, but it was nice being out of there by 9:40 and getting home at a reasonable hour. Work, you know..

13. Being in a crowd of Boston fans is unlike anything else. Especially Bruins fans – they’re great.

14. I got to watch the game from beginning to end. I know, that makes me sound like a phoney fan, but sometimes I start the game late due to not being home or watching another show until it ends. Other times I change the station in between periods and turn it back too late and miss something. While I was there, they had my full attention.

15. Goal number 4

16. Goal number 5

17. Goal number 6 (It’s not a cop out. Every single goal was fun & exciting in a new way!)

18. Hearing the crowd say “Tuuuuuuk” in unison every time he’d make a save.

19. And then hearing them say “Thomas” every time Thomas let in a goal.

20. The fact that I got to see Tim Thomas vs. the Bruins at home.

21. It made me obsessed. I want to go again, soon!

If tickets weren’t so expensive, I’d make 21 a reality. Except, I’m saving up for something a bit more important. But, more details on that later. 🙂

Well, bloggers, I hope you get a chance to see your favorite sports teams live at least once – there’s just nothing like it!


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