Adam Levine is the 2013 Sexiest Man Alive!

And rightfully so!

I have been waiting for this decision for three years. I’ve already Tweeted about it five times and posted about it on Facebook. It’s only right I do a blog on it, too.

So, even though I have already posted most of these pictures on here before, here are ten wonderful reasons why Adam Levine totally deserves to be voted the Sexiest Man Alive.

21440_10201606296303823_1026085154_n 21440_10201606680953439_2116751322_n 551024_10200165396326883_198062382_n 554972_10200165395086852_1887538983_n 933939_10200165396046876_1988046773_n 993976_10200165394246831_67664802_n 1098360_10200165393766819_1709764474_n 1146461_10200165398246931_398534001_n 1146554_10200165396966899_1370832162_n 1150387_10200165395526863_373877530_n



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