Jake Peavy Describes Emotion of Finally Winning World Series, Says ‘I Had Tears Rolling Down My Face’

Awesome. So much passion, I love it.


Jake PeavyThe ninth inning is when it all came pouring out.

Jake Peavy, a veteran of 12 years, couldn’t contain himself as Koji Uehara headed to the mound to close out Game 6 of the World Series. The 32-year-old knew that he was on the verge of accomplishing a life-long dream.

“Just something that I’ll never forget, that we pretty much had it wrapped up there, especially with our guy Koji coming in,” Peavy said, according to WEEI.com. “Really the ninth inning, those emotions come out of me and I had tears rolling down my face thinking about, just flashing back on 12 years and beyond. …. It was very, very surreal.

Game 6 was never really in doubt. The Red Sox jumped out to a 6-0 lead, and it was smooth sailing from there, with the exception of a brief hiccup in the seventh inning. Yet for a guy…

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