Big Papi for the win

Did last night really happen?

Let me rewind for a second to Saturday night.

The entire game – THE ENTIRE GAME – was like we were in the Twilight zone. The Red Sox team that made it to the playoffs was not the team we were watching on the TV that night. I wish I could give props to Detroit pitcher Sanchez for having a no hitter through the sixth (I think that’s when he was taken out) and all the other pitchers through the ninth, but he didn’t even pitch all that well. Our guys were swinging at balls, looking at the rare strikes he threw, and were just all around … for lack of a better word… sucking.

I was in a really terrible mood. I know, it was only the first game of the series, but when I tell you it looked like a different team, I mean it. I was slowly losing confidence that they’d come back from that. The end result? 1-0 loss with a one hit game.

So, now we’re down in the series and a home win on Sunday would be nice – like, really nice – before we head to Detroit for game 3. Well, it started off about the same way as Saturday night. We just couldn’t hit the damn ball. Every inning was almost a 3 up, 3 down for the Tigers. Now, at least Scherzer pitched a good game. He had a no hitter into the sixth inning when we finally got a hit and scored a run.

You may think that’s great, we scored a run. And it was, but that was after being down 5-0 and thinking the game – and thus the series – was over. I looked at Joe and said I would bet money that if they lose tonight, they aren’t coming back from it. They’ll get swept. And sadly he said he wouldn’t bet against me. We were losing hope and with every passing inning it only got worse.

Until the 8th.

Finally we were hitting the ball. Middlebrooks doubled, Ellsbury walked, and Pedroia singled to right loading the bases. The only downside to that? Two outs. And I really don’t want to relive last series when we had bases loaded, no outs, and didn’t score a single run. But anyway, Big Papi was up. After striking out twice already that game, and never homering against the relieving pitcher, we had our fingers crossed that he would surprise us.

Joe and I were on the ground at this point, not moving a muscle. Superstition. You know how that goes.

And then, the pitch. The swing. The grand slam.

At that moment, Fenway Park erupted. Joe and I erupted. All Red Sox fans across America erupted. That didn’t just happen. It couldn’t have.

We held onto the tie in the top of the ninth inning and now all we needed to do was score just one run to win it all. Johnny Gomes led off the inning. Johnny Gomes, the king of strikeouts.

But, much to my surprise, he got a hit. It was a ball to the short stop, but it was overthrown and he got to take another base. The winning run was now on second.

Good ole’ Saltalamacchia takes the plate next. He’s another one I didn’t have much confidence in last night, or the night before.

Wild pitch. Guess whose now on third base, 90 feet away from winning the game?

And guess who got a hit? Salty. Or as my mom & I like to call him (don’t ask me why) Saltalapepper. A base hit into left field sends Gomes home and the Red Sox take game two in a 6-5 win.

It was seriously unbelievable.

Shout out to Scherzer and the Tigers team because they, in all honesty, deserved to win that game. But I’m happy we won. The Red Sox truly are a come back team and now I’ve learned never to give up hope. I just want them to keep on rocking and really show Detroit what they’re made of.

Game 3 – here we come.



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