It’s Soxtober!

For all of you non-Boston fans, or non-baseball fans, that means that the Red Sox are in the playoffs and I am pumped!

They are currently leading the series against Tampa Bay 2-1, playing tonight at 8:30. Last night’s game was stressful – being ahead 1-0 for five innings, scoring more to make it 3-0, stupid Evan Longoria scoring a 3-run homerun tying the game, Tampa eventually going ahead 4-3, Red Sox tying it up in the top of the 9th, and then Loboton’s first at bat of the game scores Tampa a walk off home run to win it all.

And to think I said “I really don’t want this game to go into extra innings.” Well, I got my wish. And now I learned my lesson and will say nothing for tonight’s game.

I know a lot of people hate Boston fans, but I’m proud to be one. I love Sox Nation! I have faith. Win it for me tonight, boys!



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