I’m a model!

Just kidding.

But I did get to be a model for my photographer cousin. She wanted to take some couple photos to add to her portfolio so Joe & I happily volunteered.

We went to a cute little garden in Salem, MA and she just snapped away. In total I think there were over 300 pictures taken, but I’ll only share a few of them with you today 🙂


He’s so adorable!

1374047_10202237140750399_690205516_n 1377059_10200437329045031_347864070_n 1379632_10202237159150859_1460414290_n 1383069_10202237142510443_132948807_n 1383600_10202237145230511_402667730_n 1385184_10200437600931828_1746264077_n 1385459_10202237139870377_11657740_n 1385707_10202237147230561_323853863_n


Aren’t we just the cutest?! 🙂

And I’m totally not trying to be a walking advertisement or anything, but if you like her work and need your pictures taken (for a wedding, engagement photos, anything!) like her Facebook page!


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