Catching up: The last two weeks of August

So the last time I wrote I showed off my new tattoo. What’s happened since then!?

Well, as you all know my birthday is August 21. It seems a little stupid that I didn’t post that day – seeing as it is this blogs namesake. However, I was too busy – gambling! My family, Joe, and I all went to Foxwoods. Scott is only 18 so he could just do the bingo, but that was fun and really great having everyone there. My family left after we ate dinner and Joe & I stayed the night. We gambled all our money away but had a great time doing it. 🙂

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Then Friday, the 23rd, was time to say goodbye to Scott. He is starting his first year at UNH and we all went to drop him off. I could tell he was a little sad and felt weird about us not being there, or him not being home, but he will find his place. It’s strange without him in the house – all his Scotty-isms as I like to call them – but we will adjust here, just like he will there.

Love you little brother!

It was great having three days off from work that week. And so I decided to take three days off again the following week. Monday, Joe & I went canoeing and camping. I’ve been camping before… but with bathrooms and showers. This was legitimate camping and it was awesome. We canoed for two hours on the Saco River, got the beach all to ourself, set up, and just relaxed. It was perfect. Just him and me, away from everyone & everything. It was exactly what we needed. Such a great way to end the summer!

1209342_10200256936975342_1639246660_n 1175186_10200255676063820_357559052_n

That’s been August for me in a nutshell. Hope you all enjoyed your summer. 🙂


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