And so ends the most amazing night of my life

Oh. My. God.

Words can’t even describe how incredible last night was. Let me start from the beginning.

My mom & I are stuck in traffic. I honestly didn’t think we were going to make it to the parking lot by 3:30 (when it opened) which is when I wanted to arrive so we could be first in line to get our tickets. So at that point I was aggravated and annoyed because if we didn’t get there early, the whole night was screwed up.

Well, the rain (oh yes, buckets full) lifted a little and the highway cleared so we ended up arriving in Mansfield at 2:40ish. We ate some sandwiches (with no drink – no bathroom breaks!!) and went on our way. We got to the lot at 3:20 and they surprisingly let us in early.

My mom, Samantha, and I head over to the ticket booth to line up. I ask a ton of questions, obviously, so I know exactly where to go and when. So 4:00 comes and we have the slowest counter person. She’s just taking her sweet ass time while other people are already running to line up.

Well, thankfully most of the “pit people” seem to stick together because when we got in line these two girls we were talking to were right in front of us. We had a 2 hour wait but we had some great laughs & conversations with everyone in line.

But now the confusing part. We heard so many different things about what we had to do that when they didn’t happen we would get frustrated. First we think that at 5:00 someone is going to come around and give us wrist bands. Then it’s at 5:00 we are going to get our tickets checked and go inside the gates to the booth to get our wrist bands and then line up at the pit. So it’s 5:00 and they aren’t letting anyone in the pit in. Instead, it’s VIP members. Which makes sense because they paid between $200 and $500 to get in first. But with all those people in line, if they had general admission seats… our chances of being up front were pretty slim.

Then after they went in all the people with fast lane access got to go next. And a lot of those people were general admission pit people. So there goes all my hope of being up front. And even my mom was like “I hope you don’t expect to be up front.” I wanted to slap her, but sadly I thought she was right.

Finally it gets to be 6:00 and they let us in. We RUN to check our tickets and then RUN again to the booth to get our wrist bands. However, what they didn’t tell us was that people who already went to will call to get the tickets can just go right to the pit to get the wrist bands. And so we RUN again. Actually, no. We sprinted to the pit. And everyone who is already there is gathered around the catwalk. I want the front of the stage, so I shoot in to the corner and stole our spots. For the night. RIGHT. UP. FRONT.

I’m already dying from the mere fact that we made it. We did exactly what I wanted. Now I just needed to wait until 9:30 for Adam and his deliciousness to come on stage. Well, and for Maroon 5 because as we all know I really do love the band!

Kelly Clarkson was really great, too. I wasn’t really in awe of her like I would be with Adam, but I enjoyed her performance!

So now.. it’s 9:28. It still hasn’t hit me that this man who I’ve wanted to see up close & personal like this for so long is going to be standing literally three feet from me. Until the lights go out. I look to my right and see him coming out of the back. And I lose my mind.

There were so many moments when I swear we made eye contact. But a few in particular I know that we did. One: Samantha turns to me and says “he totally just checked you out.” WHAT!!???! Adam Levine checking me out? Well okay then! Two: He bends down with his microphone at the corner right in front of all of us and just looks at us and smiles. Three, and the big one: It’s the encore. As everyone knows, Samantha & I were in the Daylight video and we made t-shirts saying so. We wanted him to see them, knowing Daylight was going to be the last song of the night. So we’re trying to figure it out and we decide to take our shirts off (With something underneath!) and each show one side of the shirt so he can read them (trust me, we were that close). Well, he’s doing his thing dancing and singing around the stage, but the guitarist James Valentine saw them, read them, and gave us the “that’s awesome!” head nod after I gave him a thumbs up. But then, right towards the end, Adam Levine himself looked at them, winked, did a little double take, and gave us two thumbs up. TO US. And I know it was for us because the girl next to me goes, “He just winked at you!” and then the two girls we were standing with in line outside found us after and said, “He saw your shirts! That is so cool!”

Oh, and something I left out. He threw his sweaty towel into the audience and my mom caught it. So I have the towel Mr. Levine used to wipe his hot, sexy sweat off of his body. I’m in heaven.

I still cannot believe any bit of last night. It was truly the most amazing night of my life. Adam Levine acknowledged my existence and I have a souvenir to remind me of just how wonderful the whole experience was.

And now? I can’t wait for the next show.

Here are just some of the pictures I took last night… and keep in mind they aren’t zoomed at all! You’re welcome.


Selfie! I had to 🙂


His towel 😀

1150387_10200165395526863_373877530_n 1146554_10200165396966899_1370832162_n 1098360_10200165393766819_1709764474_n-1 993976_10200165394246831_67664802_n-1 933939_10200165396046876_1988046773_n 554972_10200165395086852_1887538983_n 551024_10200165396326883_198062382_n 2 1


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