No, I’m not talking about the Bruins Stanley Cup loss last week, though that was worthy of a tear or two.

What I am talking about are those movies that no matter how many times you watch them you cry. A lot. Like tissues next to you, hide your face in your hands, laugh it off, kind of cry.

I had one of those moments yesterday while watching Stepmom. I’ve already told you all how much I love that movie, but yesterday it inspired me to blog. (Not only just because it’s July 1 and I haven’t blogged since the middle of June =/)

So today I am giving you a list of movies that I’ve seen too many times to count and yet somehow each time it’s on I know to grab that box of tissues because, well, I’m going to need it.

I couldn’t think of 21 because I guess I haven’t seen as many sad movies as I thought, but I will give you what I have and you can tell me some I may have missed! (Remember, I have to have seen it, too!)

1. Stepmom.


I hope no one considers this a cop out because it’s the movie that made me want to write this because it really does need to be number one. I could tell you all the parts right now that would make me cry if I turned the movie on and just thinking about them makes me a little teary-eyed.

2. A Walk to Remember


I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but this first time I watched this one, I cried for a good hour after it was over because I couldn’t believe what happened. Now that I’ve seen it so many times and read the book, I usually calm down after about 10 minutes.

3. The Last Song


It’s that freakin’ part with the sea turtles EVERY TIME!

4. My Girl


There she goes just a walkin’ down the street singing do a diddy, diddy dum, diddy do..

5. Lord of the Rings


There are parts in each of the three movies that make me pretty emotional. SPOILERS: For example, in the first one when Boromir died. And then in either the first or second when Frodo tells Sam to go away, I bawled!

6. It’s a Wonderful Life


Surprised? Probably not. You definitely feel bad for George Bailey in this film, but the reason for crying is actually a good one. At the end, with his brother Harry and realizing he has his life back.. it’s a wonderful ending and definitely provides for happy tears.

7. Christmas Shoes


There’s nothing I can say except if you don’t cry during this movie, you need to rethink your priorities in life!!

8. High School Musical 3


If I haven’t said this yet, this is a judgment free zone! I seriously love the High School Musical movies. I know I’m almost 22 years old and that sort of thing is frowned upon, but I can’t help it. And when I saw the ending of HSM3… everything about it – the way it was done, the song, the fact that it was over – made me cry. And it still does.

9. Rent


I know musicals are hard for some people to get through, but if you sit through one it should be this one. You sincerely feel for each one of the characters and you’ll tear up (like me) at so many different moments throughout the movie.

10. Toy Story 3


Again, I know this is childish but I grew up on the Toy Story movies! If you’ve seen this (spoiler!) and you also were reliving your childhood then you probably cried when Andy gave them away and when they almost died!! It’s Woody & Buzz we’re talking about here..

Share with me what movies choke you up. I’d love to know which ones I should be watching next! 🙂


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