Star Trek Into Darkness


I wouldn’t go so far as to say I’m a trekkie. That’s not entirely fair to the hard core fans of Star Trek – old and new. But I am amazed at how much I enjoyed the two most recent adaptations of the popular TV show.

I watched the first one a couple of weeks ago, with low expectations. J.J. Abrams is pretty great so the expectations weren’t that the movie was going to be bad, but just that I didn’t anticipate liking it all that much. The second the credits rolled I turned to Matt (who had seen it before, but was also surprised he liked it as much as he did) and said, “I absolutely loved it.”

Fast forward to last night – sitting at the Imax theater, 3D glasses on, and ready to see what the sequel brings. The movie had me captivated from the opening to the end. Not a second went by where I wasn’t enjoying it.

Not to mention, I cried. Like a baby. Without giving too much away, I suppose the tears weren’t really… necessary. But when I cry during a movie (that I haven’t previously read the book for…) I consider it a good one. The ability to bring that emotion out is truly incredible.

Matt made a good point about that emotion – it has a lot to do with the directing. The amount of time Abrams held a shot on James Kirk’s tears or Spock’s face made those scenes 100% better.

Speaking of those two…

Spock is by far my favorite. Watching him discover things about himself – like how to feel – was probably one of the best, and most compelling, parts of the movie.









And Chris Pine. I think he was a previously underrated actor! I never really knew anything else he had done and especially after this movie, I like what he brings to the table. He makes an excellent Captain Kirk (in my opinion – I can’t speak for the true fans out there)! I saw him on the Ellen Show and he said his fans were called the “Pine Nuts.” I may include myself in that group!


So, this new found movie reviewer in me gives this film an A! I can’t wait for the next one to go boldly where no other has gone before. 🙂


Tell me what you think!

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