21 things I learned this year

This is my last night as a college student. Tomorrow, I will be driving away from Westfield State University for the final time. And, finally, I feel a little sad.

It’s been quite a year. I’ve learned a lot since my senior year began – things that I will hopefully take with me for years to come. I’ve had moments where I cried out of frustration and out of joy. I’ve laughed until my stomach hurt. I’ve questioned the path I was on, the life I was leading. But in the end, every decision, every tear, and every laugh has made me stronger and gotten me this far. I’ve learned many things in just one year and, tonight, I’d like to share them with you.

I’ve learned…

1. How to fish tail my hair! Finally!

2. That true love is real and it lasts. Not that I needed reminding, because I have a true love of my own after all. But seeing my two best friends (and roommates!) get engaged this past weekend reinforced it. It’s amazing to see relationships grow and blossom into a marriage and it’s truly great to see love at its finest.

3. What your first job is really doesn’t matter because eventually you’ll find the one you’ve been looking for, the one that you love. (A professor told me that. I never thought I’d become so close with my professors in college, but I did and I am really going to miss them!)

4. Some people aren’t going to like you. And you have to be okay with it. And sometimes, being okay with it is easier than you think.

5. What having a best friend feels like- the one that will not judge you even when you’re judging yourself, who will stay up late into the night and talk or watch movies with you… that kind of best friend.

6. How I wouldn’t want to go back and redo college…

7. … But that I am going to miss it terribly.

8. Sometimes, things happen only to make you stronger.

9. Straying from your path is okay sometimes if you discover something about yourself along the way.

10. Just how much my family and boyfriend contributed to my success until now. I always knew it, but never realized how much. You need a support system in college and they’ve always been my biggest and loudest cheerleaders.

11. I love Dunkin Donuts more than I should.

12. You have to live for you. And not everyone is going to be okay with it. It’s okay to be selfish sometimes because you need to be happy, too.

13. How strong the bond with my brother is. It’s amazing what distance does to people. I love our life talks and how this year in particular he decided to confide in me and ask my advice. He’s going off to college in August and now, I’m going to be the one missing him at home and calling him… just because I want to hear his voice.

14. How hard and stressful job searching is!

15. Be true to who you are. Always. Never let someone make you feel less than you’re worth.

16. That I prefer quiet nights in to crazy nights out.

17. Senioritis is a real thing..

18. To listen to my mom. Because she’s always right. And always knows the perfect things to say.

19. To dream big…

20. And never, ever give up on those dreams.

21. And finally, I’ve learned that you (I) can do it. Even when everything pushes you away from your goals, you will achieve them. And more than that… You’ll feel great about it.

I’m sure there’s way more I could add to this list, but that’s it in a nutshell. College is the next step to the beginning of your life and while it’s sad to think that this is almost over, I’m excited for the next chapter of my life to begin.

There’s truly nothing greater than the friends you’ll meet, the memories you’ll make, and the good times you’ll have in college. So even though four years seems like a long time, it’s really not. It goes by faster than you know. So enjoy it. Every second of it. And make a list, like mine, of the things you remember most. Those will be ones you’ll stick with – the ones you’ll want to take with you forever.


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