Why haven’t I been sad?

So as I come to the realization that this is my last weekend as a college student, I’ve also realized that I have yet to be sad about it. I’m sitting now writing a feature article on a video I just made called “A senior reflection” and writing it is finally making me feel something.

For everyone that’s not a Westfield State student, these buildings mean nothing. But it’s the sentiment I think that’s hitting me.

Here’s what I’ve got..

“Driving up Western Avenue, the first thing you see is the Horace Mann Center with its wide-open field and big blue sign announcing to the drivers where they have arrived.
Following along Western Ave a little further, you notice a newer looking building – the Woodward Center.
Across the street is an enormous green field with a playground on the opposite side. That’s Stanley Park, which you know from your recent tour of WSU is not really affiliated with the school, but is used by many.
Keep driving. Eventually you come to a parking lot, which marks the beginning of Westfield State’s main campus.
You pull in trying to figure out the best parking lot to stop at because it’s move-in day and it’s crazy.
It’s May. You see a lot of parents on campus helping their kids move out of their residence halls and you’re next.
Except this time is your last time and you know the drill.
You bring all of your boxes, suitcases, and what-nots downstairs, probably outside of New Hall or the Apartment Complex, and head back inside as your parents bring them to the car.
When you’re done, you say to them, “I’ll see you at home,” because you’re a big kid now and have your car on campus.
You pull out of the Commuter Lot. You see the Woodward Center on your left and the park you’ve come to know and love on your right.
You keep going and you see the Horace Mann Center, which you’ve probably only been to a few times (unless your Criminal Justice, of course).
And finally, you come to Lloyd’s Hill. You take that left. You come to the edge of the road and you try to figure out why you’re sad. Because it’s your final move-out day. And it’s crazy”

And here’s the accompanying video..


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