I’m Boston Strong. I’m America Strong.

The madness is finally over in my home city. I’m from Peabody – about a half hour north of Boston, MA – but when something happens so close to home you really feel the effects of it. So, yes, I consider Boston my city, just like so many others in Massachusetts this week.

This post today has nothing to do with my blog topic and I regret waiting so long to speak on this matter. But now that it’s over, and the last remaining man has been caught, I figure it’s as good a time as any.

First, my thanks go out to every single one of the people who helped Boston this week – at the marathon and the following days at MIT and Watertown. It’s amazing how in one instant, you can lose faith in humanity. But then gain it back when you see Boston marathon runners pushing themselves to run even farther to donate blood; civilians who saw the bombing and ran to help those in need; the police officers who never gave up, not even for a second and who made sure they didn’t sleep until justice was served;  and the families in Watertown who were scared, but cooperated for the greater good so we all could feel safer at night. I raise my glass to all of you in sincere thanks.

Second, I want to point out the things that make me feel proud to be a Bostonian. But not only that, make me proud to be an American.

We don’t give up:


We stick together:

Our rivals, the New York Yankees, supported us in the most incredible way:

The Chicago Tribune stood Boston Strong with us, too:


And so I tip my hat, once again, to all of America for the love and support. I know I wasn’t affected personally by this, but you mess with one, you mess with all.

Finally, my condolences. Nothing can make the pain of a tragedy disappear over night, especially for the families and loved ones of the deceased. But knowing you have all of Boston and all of America on your side should help make you feel strong. I hope the future is so much brighter for each and every one of you. My thoughts, prayers, and sincere well wishes go out to everyone.

Nothing can bring this city, my city, down. You knock us to the ground, we get back up. Every time. So in the words of David Ortiz…

“This is our f***king city!”


  ❤ Boston.


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