A Walk to Remember

I’m still working on that 21 things in my life post, but in the mean time I’m reading “A Walk to Remember” by Nicholas Sparks.

Nicholas Sparks is my favorite author. I’ve read all but two of his books and seen all but one of his book-made-movies. A Walk to Remember is without a doubt one of my favorites so when I decided to read this book I was iffy.

I know you’re supposed to like the two separate entities as they are – one is a book, one is a movie and they aren’t meant to be the same. I get it. But I’m so upset right now.

Have any of you ever read and watched A Walk to Remember? If you have, then you know what I’m talking about. With any book-turned-movie, there are things that are omitted from the screenplay that can be found in the book. Or the director adds scenes to the movie to make the story a little clearer.

But the book version of A Walk to Remember is so completely different from the movie version that I’m surprised they even called the film the same thing.

The book itself isn’t bad… I mean it’s Nicholas Sparks. Obviously I love it. It’s just different.

Want to know why? If you don’t… stop reading. But if you’re curious…

1. Landon Carter in the movie is a bad kid. He gets in trouble a lot and is forced into drama club because he got into trouble. In the book, he runs for student body president (what?) and voluntarily signs up for drama because he doesn’t want to take chemistry.

2. Jamie Sullivan is WAY more obsessed with the Bible in the book than she is in the movie. Maybe that’s because people would find it offensive, but I think it’s a little strange how different her character seems to be.

3. Landon’s dad in the film is a doctor who is divorced from his mother. The doctor part is important because he finds (or funds, I’m not sure) someone to help Jamie get out of the hospital. Basically, he pays for home care. In the book, he is a politician who is not divorced but who lives in Washington 9 months out of the year. I have yet to discover whether or not he helps Jamie in any way.

4. There is no mention as of yet of the telescope. If you love this movie like me, you know how important that is to Jamie and how hard Landon works on making one for her. She hasn’t even gone to look at the stars once!

5. She also told him right off the bat what was the number one on her bucket list: to get married. There was no waiting.. it was just “I want to get married and have my father marry us.”

6. The day he told her he loved her was the same day she told him she has cancer in the book. In the movie, he takes her out to a nice dinner and tells her. She cries, they kiss, it’s romantic. Then, after a little while of them being in love, they are walking down the street and she’s all sad and then she tells him. She runs away crying and they don’t see each other for a while… In the book it’s all happening right there. They go together to Landon’s house and tell his mom, they tell her dad that Landon knows.. Isn’t the book supposed to be more drawn out than the movie?

The only thing I remember right now that was the same was she tells Landon to make sure he doesn’t fall in love with her.

I’m sure there will be more as I continue reading, but for now… six is enough.

What are your thoughts?! Should they change the movie so much? Sound off in the comments!


3 thoughts on “A Walk to Remember

  1. I read the book a few years ago and it was pretty good. The only thing I remember about it now though was the ending. I’ve seen the movie many more times and really love it. I should probably re-read the book to notice the differences but I thought the book itself wasn’t so bad. The plot and concept is the same and still just as tragic, just little things are changed.

    • Oh I agree! I think I’m upset because of how different they are and I expected the book to me more similar to the movie. But if someone read the book first and then saw the movie they’d probably be mad they changed it so much!

      I’m enjoying the book for what it is — and it’s still sad — but I think I’m just thrown off a bit because of the differences! It’s hard not to be when I love the movie so much!

      Thanks for the comment!

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