Christmas pictures!

I promised you pictures, so here they are! I didn’t take them and they might be a little blurry… but it will give you a little inside look to the Myers/Silvaggio Christmas!



My mom has a realllly big family and we decided to all get together at my house this year (well, at a little hall area in my apartment complex). Here are some pictures of her cousins and aunts/uncles. The guy on the right is 96! He’s so cute! (Don’t mind me in the second picture from the right. I have no idea what I was doing..)

599699_3941001932736_777439905_n My mom got me this… it’s a pillow with mine and Matt’s faces on it! How clever she is.







I love this picture! It shows me and my brother Scott in our natural element… just hanging out!


I’m sure there’s more pictures out there but these are the only ones I could find on Facebook 🙂 What are your favorite memories from this Christmas? Share them with me!



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