And so the Mayan calendar ends…

Or does it?

It’s a strange thing to think about. Everyone is going on with their every day lives… buying Christmas presents and going holiday shopping. But what really will happen tomorrow at 5am? Is it the end of a cycle? The end of the world?

It’s kind of freaking me out a bit, but I’ll be up at 5am for work so I’ll be sure to let everyone know that I survived whatever is coming. I just had to blog before it happened.

This post doesn’t have anything to do with 21, but it is a foreword to what’s coming soon (if I make it, that is :P). Someone told me to do a post about things having to do with 21 that happen in my life and that’s actually a really good idea. I’ve been compiling a list of random things that happen to me, my family, at work, anything involving me somehow that showcase the number 21 in my life. Once I get 21 of them… I’ll fill you guys in!

You know what’s one of them? Born on the 21st… world supposedly ending or something on the 21st. Weird coincidence? I think not.



One thought on “And so the Mayan calendar ends…

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