“Some men see things that are and say why…

…I dream things that never were and say why not.”

For those of you that don’t know, that’s part of a Ted Kennedy speech at his brother Robert’s funeral. I learned a big piece of that speech when I was 10 years old and I haven’t forgotten it. Actually, I’ve been waiting for a time when I could use it in school. Now’s the perfect time.

I have high hopes for myself. I dream big and so far in my life have done everything I can to reach those goals. Throughout a career of journalism, people are constantly criticizing you. Some ask me why I want to go into a field with so little appreciation and even smaller pay. The reason is simple: I love it. I love writing. So in answer to their question I say: why not? If I can wake up happy doing what I love each day, I have a great life.

This is the last day of classes and half of my senior year is complete. There is no requirement for me to continue this blog, but I think I will. And here’s 21 reasons why.

1. I love to write: I mean, I just said this, but it is the number one reason. Sure, I could write in a diary or something, but being open and public with my writing is so much better. And so much more fulfilling. Even if my topics are pointless and no one reads them… I know its there.

2. Sarcasm: Most of my readers will probably never know me in person. I’m funny sometimes I guess, but most of the time I don’t try to be. If I’m comfortable with someone, sure I’ll show a silly side. But on here, within my own little secret world, I can be whoever I want. Silly, sarcastic, angry, happy, anything.

3. It’s fun!: When I signed up for this class, I didn’t expect our assignments to be writing a blog every week. These are the kinds of classes journalism students need. I had another blog before, but it was pretty bad and said nothing of interest to anyone but myself. I can write about things that interest me and hopefully interest others too!

4. Showcase talents: I don’t know if any potential employers would want to look at my blog when hiring me, but what if they do? What if the fact that I know how to use WordPress and can write informatively, creatively, and skillfully helps me get a job in the future? I’ll take it.

5. Stay connected: One of the things I most enjoy about blogging is going on everyday to see who is reading my blog from what countries. I love seeing the terms they typed into Google and how they came across my blog. I hope that those people who do read it continue to do so.

6. Learning experience: My blog was unique in the sense that sometimes I wasn’t writing about 21 things I knew everything about. A lot of the time I would have to do some extra research. In that process, I discovered things I didn’t know I would be interested in and learned about them. I love to learn. I know, I’m weird, but it’s true.

7. Way more topics to write about: I tried to keep my topics on par with what was going on – so Black Friday, the holidays, things like that. I didn’t get a chance to do posts on some other things I had in mind, so stay tuned!

8. It’s the way of the times: Who knows? In three years, my blog could be the next big thing since the iPhone 5. I sincerely doubt it, but it is the way the world is moving. Blogs and online journalism are huge and blogging is just going to keep me one step ahead.

9. To entertain: I’ve been talking a lot about myself in this post, huh? Time to talk about you! I don’t have the readership of 50 Shades of Grey or anything, but for the few people that do find themselves checking out this blog, I want to keep them entertained and interested! I want people to laugh at my stupid, sarcastic jokes. So that’s why I’ll continue. (However, if you find me completely un-funny and have been wishing I’d stopped blogging months ago, I’m sorry!)

10. Originality: Journalistic writing is so structured. A reporter can sort of put personality into the story by their style of writing, but generally you’ll see the same structure in an article — the 5 “W’s” in the beginning (who, what, where, when, why), followed by the most important to the least important… AKA the inverted pyramid approach. With a blog, I can be myself and structure it anyway I want. Here, I have a personality, not just a byline.

11. Share my love for silly things with others: Clearly, by posting about 21 things each time I’m pushing that number on you. But I hope I can do that with other topics as well, like wrestling or Christmas songs! I aim for my topics to be of some sort of interest to people, even if they didn’t know they were interested in it.

12. Share my good news: Like the fact that I was in a Maroon 5 music video. Did I mention that? Because I am. Twice. Anyway, I can share more than just good news, though. I can invite you into my world with pictures or videos I’ve taken so you can see more of who I am.

13. Invite others to share their good news with me: I genuinely care about other people and love when I see comments on my blog. Not just “Good job!” comments, but ones that respond to questions I’ve answered. If you have a favorite Christmas movie, share it with me! If you’ve taken a really cool picture, I want to see it! I love that blogs have that option.

14. Learn about SEO: Or Search Engine Optimization. As I’ve been job searching, this is becoming a requirement – familiarity with SEO. I have a little bit of knowledge already because of my work at The Daily Caller, but blogging helps as well. Knowing what will attract Google searches and a generalization of how it works is a great skill to have. I think I’ve got that down – yes, I’m talking to you out-of-US readers!!

15. Increase social media following: Okay, this hasn’t exactly happened yet, but I’m hoping it will in the future. I put my Twitter handle in almost every post and show my tweets on my page so I can get some followers but no one seems to care! It’s fine, I’ll just sit here and cry. … Just kidding. But seriously start following me 🙂 I’ll follow you back!

16. It’s a good, productive way to spend my time: Someone else said the reason why they blog is because they’re online anyway so they might as well do something. It’s true. Instead of spending all of my time on Pinterest, I can be blogging. It’s more productive and it will probably keep my brain working.

17. Challenge myself: Yes, I am asking other people for help with this one because I don’t want to repeat myself! This blog says a great reason to start blogging is to challenge yourself and I realize that is a really good reason. I don’t always know what to write about or how to put it into words. It, again, gets my brain working!

18. On the opposite side of that, it’s one of the easiest things I’ve ever done: Once I figured out my topic for the week, writing about it is easy! I wouldn’t pick something I knew nothing about or didn’t care about at all — like the Yankees. Ew. So when I sit down to actually write a post.. it flows so naturally. Well, to me anyway. Sorry if you have no idea what I’m saying.

19. I like it: It’s simple, but it’s the truth. It might seem tedious and to many people in my class it may have just been another assignment, but I really enjoy blogging. It’s been a really positive experience for me.

20. Escape from reality: For one moment in time, when I’m writing this blog, I can sit, listen to music, put my feet up, and just go. Write. I don’t have to worry about that paper that’s due or the test I have to study for because right now, at this moment, I’m focused on writing this blog. And that… that’s priceless.

21. Why not?: To mirror the beginning of this post, why not? I can’t think of one good reason why I shouldn’t blog. So that’s why I’m sticking around.

Before I wrap this up: Here’s me.. with a hurrah for the end of the semester, for blogging, and for Christmas! (I’ll be back before then, though don’t any of you worry!)


I’m not weird in person. I promise.

Bye, bloggers! And remember: If you’re ever unsure about why you’re doing something, you might be asking yourself the wrong question. If you can’t think of a good reason why you shouldn’t do it, then keep on keeping on.


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