It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, toys in every store

I don’t know about any of you, but I love Christmas shopping. Seeing my bank account decrease significantly isn’t fun, but I genuinely like giving gifts to people.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any young family members to buy for – so no toy shops for me. But today I will be sharing with you the 21 stores I like to go during Christmas. (Okay, and other times, too).

1. Kohls: This is the only store I typically go Black Friday shopping in. Why? Because this year, I spent just under $200. but saved almost $400. What’s cool about this store is they have a bunch of knick knacks hanging around for people if you’re not sure what to get them. And… I didn’t even buy myself anything. However, I do accept Kohls gift cards. (That makes me sound greedy, but the blog where that link takes you is actually really sweet and selfless. Read it).

2. Best Buy: This one’s obvious. Who doesn’t shop at Best Buy during the holidays? Matt asks for video games and bluray movies… it’s the hub! Plus, it’s in the same mall as Kohls so I can make two quick stops. Also, did any of you know they have a $1000 Gift Card Giveaway? I didn’t.

3. Five Below: This store is a little known secret. You can get cool stuff in here for under five bucks! Yeah, some of the stuff is legitimately cheap, but they have t-shirts, nail polish, sports memorabilia, technical gadgets and gizmos, the works. I especially enjoy it when I go to the movie theater that’s in the same vicinity and stop in there first to get cheap candy. One blogger says to be careful with purchases there, though, because they don’t really have a return policy.

4. Target: Or tar-jay if that’s what you prefer. I like target because it’s like Walmart with less crazies. Well, if you go on Black Friday you’ll see plenty, but it has great deals. Electronics are usually cheaper there than at Best Buy and while you’re there you can get some food, clothes, toys, curtains, bath towels, and more! Oh yeah, and Fijit friends, whatever that means.

5. Walmart: How can I forget about Walmart? Did I mention the crazies? I did all of my apartment shopping there for school, but I need to go there for Christmas stuff too. While there, you might not even know what you’re buying but find something to get anyway! Big news today about Walmart is a shoplifter being shot by an off-duty cop. So, don’t steal anything and you should be fine. Just watch out for people in costume.

6. New York and Company: I haven’t actually bought anything for Christmas in this store, but I do plan on it. And I have to admit I might pick something up for myself while there. I LOVE this place.

7. Macy’s: Again, this one is probably no surprise to anyone. Whether or not you actually buy anything from Macy’s I can guarantee each and every one of you will go into the store at least once this holiday season. And if any of you live in the Detroit area – Macy’s is staying open for a 48-hour shopping marathon from Dec. 21-Dec. 23. Bet you’re glad you don’t work there right about now.

8. Shop: I know this isn’t technically a store, but I bought a present here, so to me it is. My best friend and I live together at school and we had this competition going. We have a shower radio and whoever heard the most Maroon 5 songs while they were in the shower throughout the semester won. And if you win you get something Maroon 5 related for Christmas. So… clearly she won.

9. I know, this isn’t a store either, but it’s worth mentioning. I bought a gift for my parents on here. I doubt they’ll see this, but in case they do I’m not going to say what it is. But I was able to personalize it with a photograph and it was still a really good price. Plus, I found all these coupon codes – one for 15% off and one for free shipping. I’d check it out if you haven’t already.

10. A.C. Moore: Another little known secret. Not the store, but the awesome things you can get in there. My aunt makes jewelry and last year I was struggling to find gifts for her. I decided to go to A.C. Moore (’cause she’s crafty) and walk around to see if I could get some ideas. I decided on jewelry beads and an organizer for them. She loved it. If you have some time, walk around the store. You’ll probably discover some cool gifts you wouldn’t have thought of before and maybe even buy some new Christmas decorations (or stuff to DIY).

11. Sears: Another department store that won’t surprise anyone. But, like Macy’s, I enjoy just looking around this store to see what sorts of deals they are offering. Plus, department stores always look festive during the holidays! Also, I don’t know if this is just for people in the California region of the world, but Sears Outlet has some pretty good promos going on!

12. Yankee Candle: Candles make perfect gifts, especially for people who you feel like you need to give something to, but aren’t sure what. I think I give a candle to someone every year. It never fails. Want to win a scented candle? Subscribe to this blog!

13. Vera Bradley/Hallmark: Where I live, we have no Vera near me, so if I ever want anything Vera I go to Hallmark. Hallmark itself is cool for more than just Vera, though, because you can get all different sorts of Christmas knick knacks. Batman Christmas ornament anyone?

14. eBay/Amazon: Though things tend to be pricey since it’s other people trying to make money off of something they already bought, they can’t be left out. I attempted to get some Christmas gifts on eBay this year, but what started as $120 ended up being $220 and I said hell no. But it’s worth taking a look at. If you’re looking for a Mitt Romney logo… they have that too (except it’s tattooed to the side of some guy’s head..)

15. Victoria’s Secret: I’m not sure I’ve ever actually bought something from here for Christmas, but I’ll put it anyway. The line for this place on Black Friday was out the door and around the corner with employees telling customers when they could enter the store. I’ll stop by on a day when there’s less people and jacked up prices. Maybe that’s why I never get anything? I do like their yoga pants though…

16. Shaw’s: I guess this is the time where I’ll say that I work here. It is a grocery store, so it seems weird at first that I bought Christmas presents here. But… it’s actually not all that weird. I’ve been there for six years and have also been Employee-of-the-Month once (that’s actually a funny story. I can tell you about it another time). We have what’s called “ProPoints” which you get for length of service and what not. With those two feats I got 20,000 and was able to purchase something off of the ProPoints website. I chose AMC movie gift cards (woohoo!) which is not a gift and a $50 Shaw’s Gift card. I plan on giving that as a present this year because who wouldn’t want $50 in free food? But if you’re not an employee, don’t fret. While you’re out doing your regular food shopping (if you choose to come to Shaw’s) we sell toys, too! Now, I’ll share with you a picture of my 6 year pin because I can.


17. Bob’s: I’m not referring to the furniture store here (I guess that could be on the list too?), but the clothing store. Not sure if I’ll get there this year, but it’s a good place to buy clothes for people. Usually, they have good deals and coupon offers. My dad likes a certain kind of sweatpants and my mom can usually only find them there. If you’re unsure of what to buy your 21-year-old (ahem) not a bad place to look.

18. American Eagle: I used to love this store when I was in high school, but then I grew up, went to college, became poor, and couldn’t afford clothes from there anymore. My brother on the other hand does kinda sorta like their clothes so I may make a stop in there this year. What do you think, should I get my athletic, 6-foot-tall brother these?

19. Barnes and Noble: Books – so old fashioned right? Wrong! I bought my friend one of her birthday presents in there this year. Who knows if I’ll head over for Christmas shopping, but it’s definitely worth it. A lot of people enjoy books over kindles or nooks and there’s just so many to choose. Here’s some ideas for ya!

20. Any convenience store near you: Not to be cheap, but you can get some good stocking stuffers in places like that. Scratch tickets, cigars (or cigarettes if that’s what the people you’re buying for are into), any type of lottery tickets (mega millions, powerball, etc.) I usually get my parents scratch tickets every year and convenience stores tend to be the luckiest places around! In trying to help out my non-local readers, here’s a convenience store tip for people in Cleveland Park, D.C.

21. Forever 21: Can anyone guess why I saved this one for last? I could walk around this store for hours because there are just so many amazing pieces of clothing for great prices. If I do go in there this year, it will probably be for me (since I don’t really have any females to buy for), but I would suggest taking a look. Well, if you have like three hours or so..

There ya have it. If you’re clueless on what to get people or just want someplace new to look, I suggest taking a look at what these stores have to offer. Tell me, where do you guys go Christmas shopping? Any good deals out there I should know about? I’m always looking for something new!

Happy shopping!


2 thoughts on “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, toys in every store

  1. Who doesn’t love Christmas shopping (provided it’s as hassle-free as possible)?! I know I’m getting most of my fellow coffee-drinkers on my list a pound of Swing’s Coffee ( — it’s local to the D.C. area, and really gets you going. Another tip for your non-Massachusetts readers!

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