“So, I saw this thing on Pinterest…”

Raise your virtual hand if you have heard (or said) this at least once a day for the past few months. Me me me!!

As a college senior, I have been getting distracted really easily and Pinterest does not help with these distractions. In fact, it makes me procrastinate even more. “Just one more Pinterest page, and then I’ll finish my paper,” said no one ever. It’s impossible to just go through one page of Pinterest, much like it’s impossible to eat just one potato chip.

I pin all sorts of things – from wedding plans (shh, I know!!), food, clothes, but my favorite is my funnies board. Since I feel like laughing today, I am going to pass on some laughter to all of you and share the funniest pins I’ve got. Get your smiles ready.

1. In light of the new Twilight (gag me) movie that just came out – I will share this video. Twilight fan or not – you’ll laugh.

2. What do you guys think, is this real?!

3. Since the world is coming to an end in a month and everything…

4. I know this is an old video, but if you haven’t seen it watch it right now:

5. “I have this theory that if you cut all her hair off she’ll look like a British man.” Well played, Lindsay.

6. Well, at least the Mayans remembered Lil Wayne. I laughed at this for like a half an hour.

7. If you loved Whose Line Is It Anyway? Then take an hour out of your day and watch this: It’s all clips from Scenes from a Hat. You are welcome.

8. I have to include this, because I absolutely love Ted. “When you hear the sound of thunder, don’t you be too scared! Just grab your thundah buddy and say these magic words…” 🙂

9. This is probably one of my favorite pins of all time.

10. I feel so bad for this poor little child.. but I also thank him/her for giving me a laugh.

11. Damn right. It’s hurting my scar.

12. And another Twilight joke because they’re always funny..

13. Pardon the language in this one, but it needs to be on here. It’s just too funny. And true.

14. For no rhyme or reason, I found this amusing.

15. Everyone else sucks at Just Dance in comparison to these kids.

16. I mean, really, is it that difficult?

17. Whoever did this is a genius.

18. Jokes we never understood when we actually watched Full House, but now make perfect sense. And are actually funny.

19. Exactly. (Sorry if it’s too small to read =/) It’s basically explaining why it’s always okay to eat cake.

20. Sincerely, the crappers.

21. I saved this for last because if you’re a pinner like me, then this is completely 100% true. And normally, I do the last one.

I hope you all enjoyed this post. I gave myself a laugh just posting some of these. If you guys don’t have a Pinterest yet, ask some of your friends that do to invite you! It’s wonderfully distracting and, as you can see, good if you need some cheering up.

If you do have one already, follow my boards. I promise to keep you entertained with the randomly hilarious things I find while I’m supposed to be doing work.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, bloggers. Laugh, be thankful, and uh eat cake! (or pie!)

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