Ah, the holiday season is among us. In just 6 days, families will be stuffing their face with countless goodies and being thankful for everything they have. The best part of the holiday season, though, in my opinion? The movies.
I love this post for two reasons: The first is because it completely reflects my view of the holidays. Even if you don’t want to watch Elf for the millionth time – you will! Because it’s a feel-good holiday movie and this season just makes you smile. Or me smile anyway. The second reason is because when it gets closer to Christmas (and by closer I mean Dec. 1) I will be doing a post on my top 21 favorite Christmas movies 🙂
So if any of you are feeling hum-buggish come check out this blog and turn on Lifetime or ABC family – you’ll instantly feel a rush of holiday spirit!


The time of year has come for countless tack-tastic holiday movies. In my humble opinion; the sappier, the better. Hallmark Channel and Lifetime both have a chock-full schedule with tons of fabulously cheesy movies, all of which I will digest with delight. Both stations have many new enchantments coming to life this year, and I cannot be any more excited.

 I tend to hate sappy movies, I gag when I see The Notebook commercials on TV. I just don’t know what it is about holiday movies that get me. I love the sappy, stupid romance and the bad made-for-TV music and the slapstick humor. I cant get enough of the feel-good relationships, finding the love of your life over this season and the awkward TV moments. I cherish the bad acting and plots that make no sense with minimal character development and low budget sets.

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