Are you sick of hearing about the election yet?

You’re not alone if you are. I love politics and am excited to finally have been able to vote in this election, but even I am sick of seeing ads and hearing about it. But, since the election is only four days away (Go out and vote everyone!) I decided to do a post on the election today.

I’m not going to list 21 reasons why you should vote for one candidate over the other — don’t worry I’m not a walking, breathing political advertisement — but I am going to give you 10 celebrities that have endorsed Mitt Romney and 10 that have endorsed Barack Obama and the 21st will be the one I find most surprising. Are you ready?

I’m Alex Myers and I approve this message:

First, Mitt Romney —

1. Chuck Norris: In a two minute video, Norris and his wife (who’s actually pretty attractive?) without explicitly saying they endorse Romney definitely make clear who they are not going to be voting for. He is quoted as saying this, though, in’s post on celebs supporting Romney: “Truthfully, I believe that Mitt has the skills and organization to defeat Obama and stop his fundamental transformation of America. We all know what four more years of increased socialistic decisions would do to our country.”

2. This one is a shocker, Clint Eastwood: His rousing speech at the Republican National Convention and his political ad boosting the former governor make it clear who he’s voting for. Dustin Hawkins, on, has Eastwood’s quote: “I think the country needs a boost… Now more than ever do we need Gov. Romney. I’m going to be voting for him.”

3. Jenna Jameson: Not sure if this is a good or a bad thing for Romney, but the former adult film star has her mind made up. Actually, the New York Daily News calls her endorsement “the unlikeliest and least helpful” to Romney.

4. Kelsey Grammar: “Frasier” and “Cheers” star told David Letterman of his support for the GOP candidate. He said, “Oh, I think he’d make a terrific president. I think he’d be very good at it. He’s a clear thinker. He’s a kind man, you know, and he makes a lot of sense.”

5. Kid Rock: This rocker has publicly endorsed Romney and did so in front of a crowd of 1,000 supporters at the Royal Oak Music Theater in Michigan, where Kid Rock is from. His song “Born Free” is now the anthem of the Romney campaign.

6. Ted Nugent: Remember this nut who spoke about the Obama Administration being evil? (No? Well, check out this story I wrote about it for the Daily Caller!) Well, it’s no surprise that he’s backing Romney now and announced his endorsement via Twitter.

7. Cindy Crawford: This supermodel who supported Obama in 2008 and even donated to his campaign has changed her mind this time around. Why? Business Insider says its because of the Romney boys. Though this video is nowhere to be found and her people claim she is “apolitical,” people have taken it as an endorsement.

8. Gene Simmons: Kiss frontman, who also supported Obama in 2008, told Fox News “Strictly speaking on the economy, and in my humble opinion, Mitt Romney. America is a business and should be run by a businessman.”

9. John Elway: Okay, people, don’t hate me because I’m not entirely sure who this guy is, but this “Denver Broncos legend” as HuffPo calls him endorsed Romney this October, saying, “In these tough economic times, we need a president who understands how to get America working again — by standing on the side of taxpayers and small-business owners who do the real job creating.” He also called Romney and Paul Ryan the “comeback team America needs.”

10. Vince McMahon: Keeping with some sort of theme to my posts, McMahon is the President and CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment. I don’t know if I’m surprised by his backing Romney, but according to CNN, he gave the legal limit of $2,500 to the Romney campaign early in June. Ironically, though, McMahon is featured in a Democratic ad mocking Romney.

Now, to Barack Obama —

11. George Clooney: I’m sure no one is surprised by Clooney’s support of President Obama. He and girlfriend Stacy Kiebler (a former WWE diva) appeared at an Obama rally in Los Angeles in the beginning of October. Though the Huffington Post seems to care more about the fact that Kiebler and Clooney are still together, they write that Clooney is an “avid” Obama supporter.

12. Joss Whedon: Ah, the guy behind the “Buffy” and “Angel” fame is also an avid Obama supporter, having donated over $35,000 to the President. Google “Joss Whedon on Romney” and you’ll get a video of him, but it’s definitely not in support of Romney. Actually, it’s in favor of Zomney.

13. Eva Longoria: One of 35 co-chairs for the Obama campaign and having raised as much as $500,000, Longoria’s video in favor of the Pres is warranted. In it, she reaches out to Latinos saying how important it is that they cast their vote for Obama.

14. Tobey Maguire: Ah, Spiderman thinks someone can save the world better than he can and has decided that person is President Obama. Following a fundraiser at George Clooney’s house, him, the president, and Clooney played a little game of basketball where Obama came out on top. You think the deal was “If I beat you, you have to support me?”

15. Leonardo Dicaprio: You aren’t in a dream within a dream. It’s true. The “Inception” actor, and passionate environmental activist, has given the max $2,500 to the campaign and has appeared at several Obama fundraisers.

16. Alan Cumming: The Scottish actor supported the president in 2008, but grew frustrated with him in 2010 writing an angry blog post about his lack of work on the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy. However, Obama’s eventual support of DADT put him back on the Obama bandwagon and he is now in full support of the president again.

17. Omar Epps: Making a living off of playing doctors in “ER” and “House,” this actor will also be proudly casting his vote for Obama in a few days. He cares about hard work, after spending his teenage years delivering pizza, and believes Obama cares about it too.

18. Alicia Keys: In July, singer and songwriter Keys appeared at a “Women for Obama” rally in Philadelphia. In a two minute video, she explains what’s at stake for women if Obama doesn’t get reelected.

19. Natalie Portman: The “Black Swan” actress showed her support for Obama in Ohio, a place that’s close to her heart. “I think this election is really important,” she says in a video titled “How We Win,” “because we are really facing a difference in ideas. We have President Obama who has been really, really fighting for women’s rights and Romney who wants to roll [Obama’s] achievements back.”

20. Beyonce and Jay-Z: Foreword – They do not count as two because they are married! Anyway, The couple hosted a $40,000-a-ticket dinner in which all the proceeds went to the Obama campaign. In total, it raised four million dollars. Beyonce has also been spotted wearing Obama earrings.

21. Okay, my most surprising endorsement is…. Jenna Jameson! First of all, I honestly wouldn’t have thought of her even picking a candidate to endorse. Secondly, I never would have taken her for someone who would know anything about politics (I know that sounds bad..) and (this will also sound bad) because of that just choose to support Obama like the majority of people in Hollywood do, just to follow suit. Kudos to Jenna for actually caring!

Are any of these celebrities’ choices surprises to anyone? Let me know which ones stood out to you in the comments!
And don’t forget to cast your vote on November 6! <– It’s important!

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13 thoughts on “Are you sick of hearing about the election yet?

  1. I really enjoyed this post, and I like that you incorporated supporters of both Obama and Romney. One minor suggestion may be that you either change your format or the font when providing the reader with links. Not sure if it is just this computer, but it was very difficult for me to differentiate between the black font and subtle red font that indicated a link. Other than that, great job as always!

  2. Oops, here is an ACTUAL response!

    I disagree with your politics, but I LOVE how you handle them. Your blog is light-hearted fare, and the way you talk about issues fits in perfectly with that tone.

    On a related note: I got a personal phone call from Matt Damon the other day asking me to vote for Obama and Warren. I guess I’m just that special. (What? Of course it wasn’t a robo-call. Matt Damon loves me.)

    I’m trying to fill out the quota for “gentle criticisms” for our class assignment, but I’m not finding anything I don’t like in this post. So… I criticize you for not giving me something to criticize!

    • Haha I have to respond to this – first of all, I kindly respect our differences in politics. I get it all the time, so I’m used to it 🙂 Second, while I may have not wanted an Obama phone call from Matt Damon, it’d still be pretty awesome (robo call or not) and third, thanks for having nothing to criticize!

  3. I thought this was a well-written article, the way you included the links was funny and they were all relevant to the celebrities and their (sometimes surprising) opinions. When I first came across this I thought it was too long for a blog post but it was broken up and easy to read. Nice job

  4. The timing of the post was perfect. Not only was it extremely relevant but it’s interesting to see who public figures endorse in this year’s election. Some of these celebrities that voiced who they would select surprised me. Showing both Obama AND Romney supporters gave the post great balance, nice work.

  5. I absolutely love your use of the number 21 because it gives your entire blog meaning. I like how you used a current event to hook people into your post. I was surprised too about number 21 and am glad that I read the entire list!

  6. I like the sense of balance you brought to this post; you’re very transparent about our own viewpoint, but also respectful of (and informative regarding) other perspectives.

    By the way, I want to commend you on the excellent work you are doing with peer feedback; your comments to your classmates are consistently insightful and helpful. Great work!

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