It’s Adam Levine Friday

As promised, my post today will be centered around the beautiful man that is Adam Levine.

I’m sure every female on the face of the planet can list thousands of reasons why they just love him, so I’m here to today to list my top 21 reasons why I do. (If you don’t know who he is, 1. Stop living under a rock! and 2. You will learn about him after reading this post!)

I will be embedding plenty of pictures so, ladies, you’re welcome. (And guys – while you may have liked my post on wrestling, I’m versatile. I like many things. Sorry for this post that you probably care nothing about! But please, come back again!)

1. He’s pretty.

2. The most obvious, he’s in a band. Together since 2001, Maroon 5 has put out four wonderful albums (Songs About Jane, It Won’t Be Soon Before Long, Hands All Over, and most recently Overexposed) that I listen to on repeat almost everyday.

3. He’s pretty.

4. In that band, Adam is the lead singer, which is no surprise since he has an incredibly sexy voice. I tried to discover which song displayed his voice at the sexiest and it was really difficult, but I decided on an oldie but a goodie: Sunday Morning. Go ahead, girls, indulge.

5. He’s pretty. And in this one, pretty and half naked.

6. Speaking of voice, Adam is the coach on NBC’s “The Voice” (the only reason why I even watch the show). His amazing coaching skills, along with the talent of his team member Javier Colon, pulled off a win in the first season.

They’re so cute.

7. He’s pretty.

8. What I never would have thought was remotely attractive before, I find extremely sexy on him – his arm tattoos. (Sorry for continuously using the word “sexy,” it just…. fits). I love that he has a sleeve, it adds to his beautiful-ness.



9. He’s pretty. And glowing.



10. For two weeks while he was trying to get started in the music business, Adam was a waiter at Johnny Rockets. I love that restaurant and if he was my waiter, I would literally stay there all day.

11. He’s pretty.

12. The songs Maroon 5 writes, and Adam sings, are sometimes about awesomely random things, such as: Payphones (in “Payphone”), the sun (in “The Sun”), dirt (in “Doin’ Dirt”) and, his ex girlfriend Jane that the band’s first album was written about (“Songs About Jane”).

13. He’s pretty.

14. In all seriousness (away goes my joke-y side for a minute), Adam’s brother Michael is openly gay and Adam is a huge supporter of LGBT rights – once changing the location of Maroon 5’s post-Grammy show because of the former location’s backing of Proposition 8. I may be open about my conservative views, but I’m all about gay rights! It’s important for everyone to love equally, so go Adam!

15. He’s pretty, even candidly. 

16. In 2005, Adam broke his collarbone and when I was younger… so did I! What a coincidence! 😉

17. He’s pretty.

18. The four original Maroon 5 members have known each other since high school when they started the band Kara’s Flowers (now Maroon 5), which is cool because it shows he knows how to keep good relationships – which is hot.

19. He’s pretty.

20. He, and Maroon 5, collaborate with some pretty cool people like Gym Class Heroes, Javier Colon, Kanye West, Wiz Khalifa, and Lady Antebellum. So if you’re looking to hears Adam’s voice, but don’t want to tune to a Maroon 5 song (uh, why?), listen to something like “Stereo Hearts” or “Heard ‘Em Say” to get your daily fix of Mr. Sexy Voice.

21. He’s pretty.

Well, there it is – why Adam Levine is just the pinnacle of all things beautiful. I think the pictures speak for themselves.

And ladies, if you’re taken by an equally special dude – don’t worry, I am too – this can be our little secret.

Follow Adam on Twitter and then follow me on Twitter! And thanks for reading 🙂


7 thoughts on “It’s Adam Levine Friday

  1. I love Adam Levine, so I equally loved this post! The pictures went perfectly with the points. I didn’t know about his brother. That’s awesome though! Great post as always.

  2. I really enjoyed the post overall. I especially like how you addressed the reader in the end with the “this can be our little secret.” It makes the reader feel like they are having a conversation with you. Good job connecting with the audience!

  3. This post mixed well with the picture because it shows a picture of Eminem when he was young. It is hard to believe he is 40 years old now. He is still one of my favorite artists to listen too and i give him credit to teaching me half of the swears I know to this day.

  4. This was a great post. I absolutely adore Adam Levine and every aspect about him (including his pretty face). I liked the layout you used for this post as well, very easy to follow. Nicely done! PS, thanks for all the great pictures of him. I’m sure all the ladies loved it.

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