Yes, I’m a girl. And yes, I like wrestling.

I never thought I would, but thanks to my boyfriend of almost five years – I’m pretty into it.

I haven’t been able to keep up with as much as I did over the summer, but regardless my favorite wrestler is still CM Punk (Despite his somewhat annoying “I demand respect!” comments every time he’s on screen). He recently turned heel, AKA bad guy in the story line, and while some people have turned their back on him, I continue to support him. Why? Because he’s just awesome. He really knows how to speak on the mic and all around tells a great story.


On Tuesday, October 9 his documentary DVD came out, and while I have yet to see it, I can bet it’s pretty badass.


Of course, a ton of wrestlers have documentaries and movies made about them, so in light of Punk’s new DVD release, I will give you a list of 21 other wrestlers (now and then) that have been in the spotlight and what other people have said about them! Enjoy! (P.S. I apologize in advance for the length of this post!)

1. I am of course going to start my list off with John Cena because even if you’ve never watched a minute of wrestling in your life you know who that guy is. Me? Not a fan. But ask any 12 year old kid or most other girls and they will tell you how much they love him. His documentary “My Life” starts off well, as Eric Cohen writes in his review, but kind of trails off in the wrong direction after the first 2 hours. The most recent DVD of his that I watched follows him around – showing him making wishes for the “Make a Wish Foundation” and making kids happy. I still don’t like his character, but he is a hell of a guy.

2. One I just recently watched was “Twist of Fate: The Matt and Jeff Hardy Story.” I never got to see these two real-life brothers in action, but I really enjoy seeing the way pro wrestlers move up the wrestling food chain. These two were fans since they were kids, worked really hard, and made it to the big leagues. Definitely recommend watching.

3. Finally.. the Rock has come back… to WWE DVD. (Not my words, wish they were!) Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is another name that everyone knows. Though, now he’s probably more recognized for his acting roles (Oh God, “Toothfairy” …), The Rock was a big part in making the WWE what it is today. His most recent stint with the company was when he came back to fight John Cena in this year’s Wrestlemania (the World Series of wrestling). The latest DVD of his came out in February of this year, and focused on his huge career in WWE.

4. “You think you know me?” The opening line of the Rated R Superstar Edge’s theme song as he would walk down to the ring. Unfortunately, in April of 2011 an injury forced him to retire :(. Sad day. But he was inducted into the 2012 WWE Hall of Fame and released another documentary. It shows Adam Copeland‘s( his real name and what he goes by outside of the WWE) career, his ups and downs, and time with his best friend, also a WWE Superstar ,Christian.

5.. “Beyond the Mat” is a great documentary made by Barry Blaustein featuring Mick Foley (AKA Mankind. AKA Cactus Jack. AKA Dude Love), Terry Funk, and Jake “The Snake” Roberts. I always knew wrestling was “fake” but after seeing this film, my perception changed a lot. People know the matches are predetermined, but the violence is real. Focusing on the three former stars’ families and careers, you’ll get an excellent sense of what actually happens – the stuff you might not know about wrestling.

6. The glass shatters. And everyone knows what comes next. Stone Cold Steve Austin – the guy who made the “Attitude Era” what it is. He is so entertaining to watch on TV that I wish I was around when he was. I’m just waiting for the day when he makes an appearance on Raw again and just kicks everyone’s ass. “Stone Cold Steve Austin: The Bottom Line on the Most Popular Superstar of All Time” is one that I really need to see, but would suggest everyone watch anyway!

7. I’m putting Big Show (Paul Wight) seventh because he is the “World’s Largest Athlete” at 7 feet tall. In his documentary “The Big Show: A Giant’s World,” Wight explains how he got to be such a “giant.” It pulls at your heartstrings a little bit, though, because he would get stared at and made fun of – since he was so much taller than everyone else. But, hey, it has served him well in his career, being with the WWE since 1995.

8. Another notable name that wrestling fans will appreciate me mentioning I hope is Bret “The Hitman” Hart. A guy who I haven’t seen wrestle EXCEPT in DVDs, but who has come back in his sunglasses to spice up the WWE every now and then. This DVD highlights Bret’s career from beginning to end and gives a great sense of the hard worker that he is/was.

9. Speaking of Bret Hart, another documentary worth mentioning is “WWE’s Greatest Rivalries: Shawn Michaels Vs. Bret Hart.” This one definitely highlights the “end of their feud” with the Montreal Screwjob as it has become known (“Bret screwed Bret”). As I said before, I didn’t get to watch their rivalry as it was happening, but the DVD doesn’t lie.

10. Biggest regret? Not being born in the 1980s and being able to see DX in their prime. I love Triple H and Shawn Michaels but watching old clips of them in DX makes me wish I could see them in action again. Unfortunately for me, Shawn Michaels is retired. But, fortunately for me, they reunited as DX on the 1,000th episode of Monday Night Raw this summer. Their documentary “One Last Stand” was a great watch and funny, too.

11. Now that Chris Jericho is back in the WWE, well kind of, I can say that I’m not really a huge fan. Maybe because upon his return he attacked CM Punk in a way I wasn’t really happy with. But watching his DVD ” Breaking the Code: Behind the Walls of Chris Jericho” did help me respect him more. He’s done a lot in his career and you can’t help but like him a little bit more after watching.

12. Macho Man Randy Savage recently passed away in a car accident. While his memory doesn’t live on in the Hall of Fame (yet?), it does in a 3-part DVD featuring his best matches and his times with his real and storyline wife Miss Elizabeth. I didn’t watch the entire thing, but the parts I did watch helped me discover who Randy Savage was as a wrestler. What I don’t understand is why he EVER made a rap album.. (<- for your enjoyment)

13. There is a guy beneath the mask of WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio, though few have seen it. His documentary “Rey Mysterio: The Life of a Masked Man” probably wanted to show people that man, but according to a few reviews the DVD fell short. The matches presented are cool and different (I don’t know for sure, I haven’t seen it!), but in general it just fell flat.

14. “One of the strongest productions put out on DVD has got to be ‘Shawn Michaels: My Journey‘ from WWE Home Video.” Even though I haven’t watched this, I don’t doubt that it’s a great showing. Shawn Michaels is entertaining and interesting in his own right and any documentary made about him hast got to be good.

15. Remember that John Morrison guy? He has a documentary, too. It’s a couple of years old, but it’s still pretty cool that he has one. He may have had a short reign in the WWE after his run on Tough Enough, but the DVD “John Morrison: Rockstar” helps to remember all the crazy things he did in the ring.

16. Kane is known now in the WWE as one half of Team Hell No with Daniel Bryan – who also happen to be the Tag Team champions. (“I’m the tag team champions!”) But he’s also been known as the big bald guy or the big creepy guy with the red mask and long black hair. Whichever Kane you dig most, his DVD “The Twisted, Disturbed Life of Kane” will get you inside the mind of the Devil’s favorite demon.

17. I can’t forget about the man that started it all, Vince McMahon. One of, if not the best, wrestling promoter of all time and a great businessman also has a DVD documentary about him called, ahem, “McMahon.” Perhaps not the cleverest of all the names in the WWE wrestling DVD collection, but still an important one. Actually, this film is news to me. Released in 2006, it covers all grounds – from President to wrestler himself.

18. It’s about time I mentioned a WWE Diva who is recognized in a documentary of her own, huh? Actually, I hate the divas and always seem to have to do something else whenever they’re on – but that’s besides the point. Trish Stratus is considered one of the best divas of her time. I can’t say much about her except that she’s beautiful, but that’s what the point of divas are I suppose. She must be pretty damn good at wrestling too, though, if she was a “coach” on Tough Enough in 2011.

19. Randy Orton is another guy I just cannot seem to like. I really didn’t like him when I first started watching wrestling, and I still don’t really like him now. But at least he’s not as annoying anymore – having just gotten back from being gone a few months. The 2011 DVD “Randy Orton: The Evolution of a Predator,” one reviewer says, definitely gives viewers a new found respect for him – whether they like his character or not.

20. Another WWE Superstar who has passed away is Eddie Guerrero. I have only seen videos of him in action, but I was impressed with what I saw and it’s really sad that he’s gone. Well, I guess not totally gone since his wife Vicki Guerrero is the annoying “Excuse me!” lady who appears on every episode of Raw. Rey Mysterio is featured in this DVD talking about how much he misses his friend. I love a good cry and a good story so this will have to be on my list real soon.

21. And last but not least is the Undertaker. He hasn’t been around much since I started watching wrestling, but when he is he’s a real treat. The lights go dark, his bell tolls, and he creepily and slowly walks to the ring. The reason why I put him last is because this past July a DVD about his Wrestlemania streak was released and that streak is 21-0. Basically, every time he appears on a Wrestlemania state he kicks ass and puts on a fantastic show. I can’t wait to watch it.

See, told you this would be a long post. And I know they may not have been the most informative, seeing as I haven’t watched every single DVD, but my suggestion would be to read up on them all (and watch!) to see which guy you like best: Is it Edge, the Rated R Superstar, whose spear we miss every time we turn on SmackDown? Or a  legend like Bret Hart?

I’ll accept almost any answer in the comments, but if it’s John Cena, I can’t be your friend. (Just kidding!)

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8 thoughts on “Yes, I’m a girl. And yes, I like wrestling.

  1. I like the hook where you admit to be a wrestling fan and then talk about the 21 essential wrestling dvds. I was a huge wrestling fan for a long time but have been stopped lately. You missed another great documentary called Hitman Hart Wrestling with shadows. The behind the scenes access to the legendary montreal screwjob. If you have netflix it’s on there

  2. I like the format. It is almost a mini blog within a blog. Each blog post has 21 blogs in it. Its like a file manager on a computer. The links were great because they were very specified, however it would be nice if they were a greater color differential so they are easier to spot.

  3. I think you did an excellent job identifying specific things about each wrestler. This post looks like it took a lot of time and effort. Good job balancing you links with you judgement value.

  4. The title of this post caught my eye right away. Never thought there was a solid following of girls in the WWE world. You backed up the title with continuing your commitment of the 21 theme. For someone who doesn’t follow wrestling, this format kept me interested throughout the post.

  5. Nice job.
    I think I agree with Moose about having a little trouble picking up the links – – but I like your template otherwise, so can see good reasons for sticking with it…

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