Let’s watch some TV

Or if you’d rather we can just talk about it. Because that’s what I like to do – talk. Well, and write.

It’s that time of year when the leaves are changing, pumpkin iced coffee is back at Dunkin Donuts, and most importantly Fall television shows are premiering.


I’ve created a challenge for myself for the purpose of your entertainment – and keeping with my theme of 21. So here’s a list of 21 shows that have premiered, or will premiere, this week all described in 21 words or less.


1. Law and Order: SVU – Olivia has to prove Cragen’s innocence. She fights with Amarro. Amarro goes crazy. But he’s fine. Two hours later – Cragen’s freed.

2. Grey’s Anatomy – Previously on Grey’s: Plane crash. Lexi’s dead – Mark is sad. They need help. No one comes. Thursdays at 9 on ABC.

3. Private Practice – Amelia is sober 1 year. Charlotte is pregnant. With triplets. Cooper’s pumped. Peter misses his trial. Why? Spoiler alert. Peter’s dead.

4. How I Met Your Mother – Marshall. Lily. Barney. Ted. Robin. Baby Marvin. <-What? Still waiting to see who the mother is. Legen- wait for it – Dary.

5. Scandal – Lawyer has affair with the President of the United States. They try to hide it. The wife finds out. Uh oh.

6. 2 Broke Girls – Two girls. They’re broke, working in a restaurant. They like cupcakes. “Wanna start a cupcake business?” Sure. They work on it.

7. New Girl – Zooey Deschanel’s boyfriend cheats. Why would he do that? Goes on craigslist. She moves in with three dudes. She’s new girl!

8. Animal Practice – Series premiered September 26. Has to do with animals. And Cheyenne from Reba is in it. Hopefully she’s smarter. We’ll see.

9. Big Bang Theory – Pretty blonde is friends with four nerds. Dates one of them. Sheldon is hilarious. Probably won’t understand anything. You’ll laugh anyway.

10. Two and a Half Men – Charlie Sheen got in real-life trouble. Killed off. Ashton Kutcher’s a billionaire. Buys the beach house. Charlie’s spirit’s a woman.

11. Fringe – This show’s still on? Crazy scientist guy meets FBI agent Olivia. Scientist’s son’s involved. Fifth season takes place in 2036. Confused?

— Just watch this – maybe it’ll clear things up. —

12. Grimm – Homicide Detective Nick Burkhardt battles dangerous creatures from a mystical world because he’s a “Grimm” and that’s just what they do.

13. Once Upon a Time – Super popular. Has well-known fairy tale characters as real people all mashed into one world known as Storybrook, Maine. Original.

14. Revenge – Girl named Emily seeks revenge for her father. Sets out to “destroy” them. But gets emotional. Typical girl (–I can say that, I am a girl!–). Questions herself.

15. Dexter – Mother was murdered. Dexter starts killing people. Adopted father tells him “The Code:” Only kill people who have killed other people.

16. 666 Park Avenue – Lost’s Terry O’Quinn stars. (–YES!–) 666 Park Avenue is where all your dreams come true. 50 Shades of Grey? You got it.

17. Good Wife – Inspired by political sex scandals. Lol. Litigator’s attorney-husband jailed following sex and corruption scandal. “The good wife” back in action.

18. Elementary – Another Sherlock Holmes story. Watson is a girl – Lucy Liu. They do detective-y stuff in New York City. Thursdays on CBS.

19. The Mentalist – Self-professed fraudulent psychic Patrick Jane works with California investigation unit to track down criminal “Red John” that killed Jane’s family.

20. Criminal Minds – The FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit flies all over the world to get into the minds of criminals. Sound obvious? It is.

21. Vegas – Set in the 1960s. Sheriff  Ralph Lamb deals with Chicago mobster that moved out west to stir up trouble. Dennis Quaid.

Few notes about the list:
1. My little interventions (–) don’t count as words!
2. I know hyphenated words are technically one, but I counted them as two because I can.
3. It is blatantly obvious I have never seen some of these shows before. I thank Wikipedia for some of my information and hope everyone has a sense of humor!
4. I encourage anyone who has more knowledge on these shows and could better describe them to me to do so! For example, you watch New Girl religiously?! Please, update me on what I can write there. I value your first-hand experience with the show over Wikipedia’s scant information.
5. Vegas being number 21 is a total coincidence, but kinda funny don’t you think? Yanno, Vegas… 21…

If you thought TV rotted your mind before (Hey! What are you doing on the internet?!), I hope you changed your mind after reading this and might even tune in to one of the shows.

My favorites are 1-3. What’s yours?

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6 thoughts on “Let’s watch some TV

  1. I like the idea of a list of 21 things in 21 words. I think that could be a neat recurring feature.

    Some of the descriptions could use a little more consistency, though. Sometimes you offer information about the upcoming episode (was that a spoiler?! D8), sometimes about the upcoming season, and sometimes a synopsis of the show. I haven’t seen some of these myself, but I think the description you gave of New Girl is how the pilot started, but a lot has changed in the interim season.

    Finding out all that information about 21 shows seems like an awful lot of work, so maybe you can find some way to simplify it a bit more.

    Overall, though, it is entertaining. I like your whimsical tone. It goes along with the blog’s theme.

  2. I really liked how you stuck to the theme of 21 by picking 21 premieres and describing them in 21 words or less. It not only informs the reader about new shows that they may have never seen, but is funny to see them described so briefly as well. I also liked how you invited feedback from followers at the end asking their favorite shows. Keep up the good work!

  3. I think that you have a great original idea in this blog. I love the theme of 21 and could definitely become the overall theme of your blog. It keeps the post simple and readable and I was able to read the whole thing in one sitting. I think it would be better though if instead of giving spoilers just explain what the show is about.

  4. Nicely done. I like your writing voice and tone – – they feel right for this medium and for this blog.
    Also like how your title functions as the opening line of your ‘story’ – – and I do like that you don;t just present a list but have instead wrapped the list in a broader frame that initially invites the reader in and then eventually invites them to respond.

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