Bloggers, Meet Archie

Archie, Archie Boy, Baby Boy – these are all the names I call my handsome, wonderful, perfect kitten I adopted Monday! He was rescued and naturally terrified when I brought him home Monday night. In fact, Tuesday he scared me to death because I couldn’t find him in my house for 2 hours. He was…


One Year Later

For all 480 plus viewers of my blog post one year ago, I want to preface this by saying today’s post is not a follow up. In fact, I’m only writing this because I’m proud of our accomplishment, and of where we are, and I want to share it. Is it too cliche to say…

Attention: Health Nuts

Recently, I’ve been trying to get in shape, more tone. My trainer told me that eating better is, obviously, going to make a huge difference. So, after our meeting, I went out and bought Flax crackers with Teddie peanut butter. They are so bland and dry, I’m struggling having my snack. Now, most of the…


Adam Levine’s Getting Married

I know this isn’t news, but the date and location were announced yesterday. So I realized that I have a couple of options here: I have until July 19 to somehow change his mind. Or… I can crash the wedding in Mexico. Since neither of those seem like plausible options, I guess all that’s left…

Rascall Flatts Rewind

New Song Obsession

And, no, it’s not Maroon 5. “Rewind” by Rascall Flatts. I cannot go a day without playing it on repeat. What is your song obsession right now, bloggers?

Maroon 5’s Album “V”

And so reads the press release: “MAROON 5 SIGN TO INTERSCOPE RECORDS NEW ALBUM ‘V’ DUE ON SEPTEMBER 2, 2014BAND SIGNS WORLDWIDE TOUR DEAL WITH LIVE NATION May 19, 2014 (Santa Monica, CA)–Multi-platinum, 3-time GRAMMY-Award winning band Maroon 5 has signed to Interscope Records. The group¹s highly anticipated fifth studio album, titled V, will be…


Bruins vs. Canadiens: Game 7

There’s not much else to say. I’m afraid my poor heart won’t be able to handle it. But, nonetheless I’ll be front and center (on my couch), pizza and beer in tow, watching. And cheering. Loudly. Good luck B’s! Make us proud!!